“I was apprehensive about taking a drawing course because I don’t like being a beginner.  Terry is a great teacher and is super encouraging. Her course gave me college-level information without making me feel that I was in over my head, not only did I get my money’s worth but the value was 5 times that.  I loved the pace of the course and when I looked at what I had achieved, it was so much more than I thought I could.”

C. Muir

C. Muir

“Thanks for making it so easy for us to purchase ‘Endearingly Assisi’. We love it! It reminds us every day, of our trip to Tuscany last year. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the painting.

J. & A.

J & A Rowley

“Terry’s work was well known to us and we are the proud owners of three of her paintings; a flowering prickly pear cactus, a Southwestern landscape and a portrait of our Labrador, Gracie. We are in awe of how perfectly Terry captured her spirit. It is a treasure that I see every morning. Terry’s talent is a gift, we are grateful she shares it with us as well as the world!”

T. & E. Jones

T & E Jones

“People are drawn to the 4 portraits Terry has painted of our dogs over the years. Two of the dogs are no longer with us but are so alive because of these portraits.  There’s no better way I can think to memorialize them, than through a work of art that captures realism, personality and life.  Terry’s work captures all of that….so much more than a photograph ever could. ” 

Matt S.

M. Schultz

“The painting ‘Autumn Reflections’ sits center stage on the stone mantle of my mountain home. It receives so many comments from my guests and I never grow tired of looking at it.”

Harriet S.

H. Snyder

“We loved the symbolism in Terry’s painting, ‘Backward Glance’ which resonated with our own lives. We chose to hang it in the front entrance of our home where it reminds us of the life we’ve lived and to keep those memories close.”

Anne M.

A. Mathiesen